A conscience decision had to be made in changing the way healthcare is provided today.

VIP or Concierge medicine is becoming a popular new medical model around the country because of the benefits for your members as well as the lifestyle that the physician can appreciate. There are approximately 800+ CIP/Concierge practices in the United States and is expected to keep growing at a high percentage as public opinion and patient dissatisfaction with present HMO(s) and PPO(s) continue. Patients are becoming much more aware of the benefits, popularity, and value being a member of a VIP/Medical Practice where the quality of care is perceived to be at a higher level and a higher personal level between physician and patient.

Patients understand the increased burden that physicians face and realize this in turn can affect the quality of care they receive. Patients understand the care that is provided to them at a physician practice with 3,500 patients differs greatly from that of only 300. The VIP/Concierge model is one that is successfully being used throughout the country and employs proven methods for reducing patients risk for disease.

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